Skincare to get the oh-so-glowing festive skin

festive glow

Festive season is around the corner. Is your skin ready for festivals? You definitely want to get that perfect glow at each festival. To get naturally glowing skin you need to follow some simple steps. Here are some tips to ensure a glowing, healthy and flawless skin this festive season.

festive glow

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

A few days before the festivals start taking care of your skin. Proper nourishment and hydration result in better skin health. It will promote a natural glow on your face. You can start applying natural fruit face packs which you can prepare at home. Add cucumber juice or rose water to your skincare routine. These methods will provide nourishment to your skin and lend a glow.

Go The Aloe Vera Way

Aloe vera is loaded with skin benefits. It can help you fight multiple skin problems. Aloe vera is loaded with medicinal properties and reduces acne, black spots, and many other skin problems. It is a one-stop solution to almost every skin problem. You can keep a small aloe vera plant at your home and use it for the endless benefits it offers. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on your face a few days before. Apply it regularly to make your skin glow.

festive glow

Sleep Well

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! Our skin, like our entire body, has what is known as a circadian rhythm: a certain pattern of functioning over a 24-hour period. The body systematically replenishes itself while you sleep so the skin is at its most receptive to nourishing natural actives at night while the natural rejuvenation process occurs. If you are burning the candle at both ends this can impact the skin’s natural process of restoration resulting in complexions looking dull and lacklustre and in turn can speed up the signs of ageing. If you’re not getting a regular amount of sleep, add an overnight face mask to your reduced sleep routine. Overnight face masks are a great way to boost the skin’s natural process of rejuvenation which occurs while you sleep.

Scrub It Away

Dull, lifeless skin is often the result of dead skin cells, and dust and dirt accumulating on the surface. To get rid of the same, mix ground almond with curd and a pinch of turmeric. Apply it on the face and rub gently before washing off with water for a glow.

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