Slay Your Shaadi in Sneakers


Nothing can sneak the energy of a pair of sneakers to get you slaying at your wedding party. Shaadi Season not only brings about the wedding festivities and rituals but also lookouts for comfort. Where all other types of shoes – Stilletoes, Wedges, Heels have their elegance, a comfort like Sneakers is unparalleled.


Here we bring to you a collection of rich pairs of sneakers from around the world and where to buy them in the comfort of your home. A wedding-to-be should be defined by comfort, and not compromise.

  1. The Saree Sneakers: Lace and drape around! Saree Game is real, and the one who handles it well aces the race. But, a little clever move never does any harm. Here’s our secret: Pair your wedding attire, Saree with The Saree Sneakers! A perfect match of comfort to the intricacy of your Lehenga. To customize your hand embroidered wedding sneakers checkout @thesareesneakers!
Sneak comfort in your Shaadi with Sneakers!
Sneak comfort in your Shaadi with Sneakers! Source: WedMeGood

2. Custom Low Top-Lace Converter: When you can customize why compromise? Etsy is the hub of custom wedding shoes for modern brides. Here you can find a range of tennis shoes that can be skillfully hand-adorned to suit your taste. There are many brands which cater to Custom Low Top-Lace Convertor Shoes like Nike, Jimmy Choo, Margaux and others. Shop more at Tiesta.

Customize Your Shoes! Source: Shopify
Customize Your Shoes! Source: Shopify

3. Statement Wedding Sneakers: Leave your style statement. Nothing says and makes a wedding statement more precise than customized bridal sneakers with detailing. Out of all the ideas from cliché wedding proposal customized shoes to style statements, sneakers have them all. Set apart from the ordinary but what catches the sight of one’s eye is this pair of statement sneakers, “Here comes the bride.” Let your walk do the talk!

Let Your Shoes do the Talk!
Let Your Shoes do the Talk! Source: FashionLady

4. Gold Studded Sneakers: Not only in your attire, gold now in your shoes too! The wedding industry is glued to Gold, Glitter, and Glam. Then how can wedding sneakers escape the dazzle of studded gold? As shiny as your charm, dear brides, Gold Studded Sneakers are set to power your wings. A bride in these sneakers is the perfect bohemian, carefree bride. Are you next?

Gold Studded Sneakers
Gold Studded Sneakers. Source: FashionLady

5. Holographic Platform Sneakers: Not your conventional bridal sneakers! Holographic Shoes are designed by a technique called, Holography. It enables a wavefront to be recorded and later reconstructed. It is best known as a method of generating three-dimensional images on products like shoes.

Holographic Platform Sneakers.
Holographic Platform Sneakers. Source: FashionLady


Explore the shade of YOUrself as a bride and kickstart a new chapter of your life, ladies, with Shaadi Sneakers!