Small tips to host a small wedding ceremony!

small wedding

There was a time when a limit of only 50 guests allowed at a wedding, set by the government. The couples found it difficult as to who to leave out of the invitation list. In a country like India, where the guest list knows no bounds, this limitation also made the couples postpone their wedding indefinitely! But it also made them learn a lesson of minimalism and also set the trend of small weddings ablaze! If you want to get married as soon as possible, then there is no need to shy away from a limited guest list. Small weddings are here to stay. If you find it difficult, Wedding Affair is here to help!

Go Virtual

It is the new normal of the pandemic days. Let the closest ones be present and let the ones who would need to travel attend your wedding via online video call platforms. Then, there are also Facebook and Instagram lives that help you broadcast your wedding to anyone who’d like to be a part!

Keep the limitations in mind

Though it may be news to you, your parents and future in-laws probably have an idea of whom they’d like to invite to the big day. And if they’re contributing to the wedding budget, you may feel the need to oblige. But if you’d rather not take your wedding ‘phere’ in front of friends of your parents that you barely know, set the expectation early and give each set of parents a predetermined number of invitations available to them. This is a suggestion by Diane Gottsman for Brides.

Send apologies

As soon as the wedding invites go out, word spreads like fire and so does offence. Well, all you can do is pick up that phone and politely apologise. At this point in time, safety matters more than keeping your entire friends and family group happy! And during these critical times, no one should ideally take offence.

Keeping reception for later

The ideal solution that most adapt to is keeping a grand celebration for later. For now, enjoy your beautiful ceremony with the ones who actually care about you. Then later, when the outings are safer, do plan a big fat reception where everyone is invited. That way, you don’t really offend anyone (in an ideal world!).

An ‘adults-only’ Wedding

At such times, when precautions at any outing are the most important than ever before, one can’t expect children to take care of these. Ideally, children are so adorable and they become even more so when at a wedding, but not at such times. So, don’t be shy to host an ‘adults-only’ wedding at these times.

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