Snacks to have as the monsoon hits your door


Many things about the monsoon season can be beautiful. Of course, our cravings kick in and we’re frothing at the mouth when we think of certain kinds of comfort food. Wedding Affair brings to you some food items that we crave for during the rains.

Cottage Cheese Fritters

Anybody who is anybody has a plate of garma garam pakora‘s ready at the first sight of rain. Growing up in India means a hot cup of chai and pakoras when it’s pouring outside. Pakoras have the power to bring the family together, no? And yes there are different types of pakoras and you can choose your monsoon go-to.


A bowl of ramen has egg, veggies, protein of your choice and is filling. So if you want to kill two birds with one stone then go down the rame/pho route. Also, Maggi noodles to the rescue always. And the best part about Maggi is that people have adopted different ways that they love to consume their Maggi. So go ahead and cook up a storm and that too in less than 20 minutes.


Another, quick and easy meal to consume during the rains. Ten minutes to cook your pasta and another 15-20 minutes to put it all together. There are plenty of easy recipes you can find online and who doesn’t love creamy, cheesy and meaty during the monsoons.

Vada Pav

Again vada pav is actually pretty easy to make at home so don’t fret, just find a good recipe, buy the read-made garlic chutney powder and enjoy with a chilli. The heat from each bite is totally bound to comfort you during the monsoon season.


The best thing about momos is the sauce it gets consumed with. Every dip and bite is like eating a piece of heaven. These bad boys are readily available in the market all you gotta do is steam or pan fry it. Monsoon meals that you can eat like popcorn.

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