Sony unveils ‘ready for PS5’ TVs


To help PS5 buyers choose a TV that gets the most from the PlayStation 5, Sony launches a ‘Ready for PS5’ branding. There are two TV launches currently. There is the mid-range 4K Sony XH90 (namely the X900H in the US), and the elite 8K Sony ZH8 (namely the Z8H in the US). Sony also says that TVs with the designation can be turned on with the DualSense controller. (Source: T3)

The X900H is a 4K TV that starts at $999.99 for the 55-inch model, while the Z8H is an 8K TV, with the cheapest option being the 75-inch model at an eye-watering $5,999.99. While both TV sets are now available for purchase, the X900H doesn’t yet support 4K120 inputs — or any other HDMI 2.1 features.

The Analysis


The aforementioned will come at some point in the future with a firmware update. (Asked if the update will be available by the time the PS5 launches, a Sony representative told Polygon that the company could not comment on the timing.) And for what it’s worth, the Z8H only supports 4K120 content on one of its four HDMI inputs. That means you wouldn’t be able to hook up a PS5 and an Xbox Series X to the TV simultaneously and experience 4K120 gaming on both consoles. (Source: Polygon)

With very low Game Mode response time (7.2 ms on the X90H), the 55-inch TVs feature Bravia Game Mode. This will help users to control their TV as well as PS5 with the new DualSense wireless controller. The television remote will also be able to control the PS5. For great audio experience, both the models come with Acoustic Multi-Audio technology. Sony says they use sound positioning tweeters to deliver precise, high-quality audio from the exact point it’s happening within the scene.  The company also says that you will be able to play games at a resolution of 8K on the ZH8. (Source: Firstpost)

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