Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Now Available


After its big revelation last year, Sony‘s Reon Pocket wearable air conditioner is now available for purchase.

It is accompanied by a special T-shirt that holds the device in the middle of your back below the neck. The portable device utilizes the Peltier effect to serve as a heat pump to cool the body.

The companion app for iOS and Android devices allows for manual adjustment. And also an automatic mode that regulates temperate using motion sensors that detect user activity. Ensuring maintenance of desired comfort level in hot conditions, the Sony Reon Pocket can reduce a wearer’s body temperature by as much as 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Or it can also heat the body by as much as 14 degrees Fahrenheit in colder situations.

Specific Details

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“Reon Pocket works by attaching the main body to the back pocket of the dedicated inner. The body easily fits around your neck when you wear innerwear, so you can directly cool or warm your neck. The Reon Pocket mechanism makes it easy to get a cool and warm feeling because it comes into direct contact with the skin,” its website suggests.

The compact device holds an internal battery good for two to four-hours usage. But it needs to be charged for two hours before use. Designed after hundreds of simulations, the heat dissipation mechanism maximizes the performance of the newly developed thermo device for cooling human skin.

Originally set for a release that coincided with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Sony Reon Pocket is now available on Sony’s website for $120 USD and on Amazon Japan for $160 USD, the T-shirt holder comes separately at $20 USD apiece.

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