Speak‌ ‌The‌ ‌Language‌ ‌Of‌ ‌Class‌ ‌With‌ ‌Siyaram’s‌ ‌ ‌


A luncheon on Saturday? Hmm, calls for something casual yet smart. A suit from your wardrobe would do. Another meeting with some of your company business partner? The suit, from Saturday, would be fine right? A polo game to spectate with your friends? The suit? Not again!  This is exactly what a typical Indian man suffers from, lack of choice in terms of apparels because there are rarely brands that have to offer smart and variety of fashionable options to men. And this is why Siyaram’s today stands tall as one of the few brands to actually cater to the needs of men since time immemorial and that too delivering class with finesse.  

Since 1978, Siyaram’s has been a premier menswear brand which has helped men find the perfect outfits for various occasions. The brand is home to an array of sophisticated fabrics and ready-made garments. Each and every piece crafted by with extreme precision and care such that it makes for crisp and sharp wear. From soft linens to the timeless checks, Siyaram’s suitings has a range of exquisite clothing that can amp up your wardrobe with much ease.  

They’ve been synonymous with dynamism and individuality which is neatly exhibited through their men’s fashion. The warmth of culture and the comfort of couture in each of its brands – Siyaram’s, J.Hampstead, Cadini, Oxemberg, Mozzo and Casa Moda (Home Furnishing) have given them the edge and the coveted space in people’s lives. Whether you are shopping for wedding apparel, corporate looks or dapper everyday outfits, the brand is not going to disappoint you. The brand is India’s fastest-selling fabric brand with over three million meters of shirting fabrics sold each month, one of the widest collections of polyester viscose linen and cotton linen fabrics in an appealing range of colours. Over 2000 alluring designs dished out every month and an undying promise for world-acclaimed quality sums up the very essence of Siyaram’s Shirtings.