Spice up your tube tops with these styling tricks


“I have enough clothes,” said no girl ever! Well, since you ladies have plenty of clothes to slay in, but even after so many options, one tends to find out a few new variations with their existing clothes, right? Let us take tube tops for instance, what according to you are a few different ways to style your tube tops? Let us help you out a bit and give you a few style tips to create some hotshot looks in those basic tube tops of yours. Have a look: 

Layer it up!

Fashion statements are something you can play with and from new trends with just one notion of yours. Speaking of fashion, your tube tops are probably the most minimal-looking classic piece of fashion wearables. There are a thousand ways to style them, one of which is by layering it up with something. Style your basic chic tube top with a skinny pair of jeans or printed pants along with an overcoat or a leather jacket worn half ways, which means it must be resting upon your shoulders and not particularly worn. This gives you a stylish and polished look head to toe. 

All-time Sassy: Black and White 

Well, the combination of black and white is always a deal-breaker for every outfit. Speaking of styling your tube tops, you can carry a basic black bandeau tube top with basic white pants. This look will make you look all classy and confident. Moreover, it gives a perfect touch to that black strapless top. So, get going with this hot shot black and white look, slay all the way into your parties. 

Over a Shirt maybe!? 

Who says tube tops can only be worn as single pieces? Well, just to give you a little heads up on some variation, you can style your cute bandeau tube tops over a buttoned shirt or even a plain basic t-shirt. Think of a color scheme for your shirt and your tube top over that, and style it with baggy denim below. You’re set to slay that lunch with your divas and discuss some latest gossip. 

Accessorize it!

This is a pretty simple and common catch to style youtube tops. All you need is a basic tube top with some smokey pants underneath or even a pair of ripped jeans and the secret addition which is a cute neck accessory or pendant maybe. Your strapless tube top with a pair of ripped jeans and a cute little pendant shining on that collar bone or big classy earrings will make you look #SmokinHot and #SweetAsSugar both, at the same time. 

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