Splendid Choker Styles You Won’t Want to Miss


Can we ever stop talking about jewelry? Never. The market never falls short on bijoux designs and with trends running on social media, and designers launching their jewelry lines every other day, we are thankful for the abundance of embellishments on the block. Today we will be looking at a celebrated neckpiece known as a choker. Chokers are ornaments that sit very close to your neck, like a collar. And you can sport a variety of these at any time of the day. let us have a look at some of the famous that are open to conversation!

  1. Beaded Chokers
Catch the eye with colorful beaded chokers.

If you are looking for some Y2K inspiration, here it is. Colors are yet again taking over the market, and chokers are no less. Invest in some cute and pop-colored beaded chokers that go well with all casual and evening outfits for the edgy look. You could also pair two to three beaded chokers of different colors and club them together to create an Instagram-worthy look.

  1. Pearl Chokers
Elegance speaks for itself through this pearl choker.

Want to feel pretty and royal at the same time? Pick some alluring pearl chokers from the block and pair them up with satin dresses or nightgowns for the perfect rich mom look. Pearls have an added elite touch to them that immediately accentuates your look from nothing to everything. You can choose from a variety of styles of pearl chokers. There are single and multi-layered, patterns and randoms.

  1. Gothic Chokers
A striking lacy gothic choker.

If adorable and basic are not your adjectives, and bold and out-of-the-box are, try the gothic chokers. These are a favorite for all the emo characters and cosplayers across the globe. They are in a material of lace and often accessorized further by black pearls or crystals. We totally love how an intricate fabric like lace is used to create a daring accessory like a gothic choker. Although the real slayers team these up with all-black outfits, you could choose any casual fit to sport the look.

  1. Dainty Chokers
Minimalistic beauty – dainty choker piece.

Detail lovers, there is something for you too. As the name suggests, dainty chokers are those with minimal intricate details in thin layers of metal that sit elegantly on your neck. Invest in these if you would like to make a subtle statement without going too harsh on your choice of the neckpiece. These are also great to wear regularly or at your workplace.

  1. Diamond Chokers
Defining class – diamond choker.

Moving on to some classic winners of all time. Diamond chokers have been seen on various high-profile personalities like Princess Diana and Lady Gaga. They look sophisticated, and blingy and serve the right amount of glam while doing the job perfectly. While diamond or Swarovski chokers do go heavy on your pocket, they are surely going to grab some eyeballs while you are on the run. Best suitable for special occasions, pick the diamond piece that catches your heart and sport it with either a dress or a gown, a gleaming ensemble, or over-the-top couture.

  1. Charms Chokers
How pretty is this multi-layered charm choker?

Another Instagram pick is the charm chokers. Social media really has a great level of influence when it comes to making fashion choices. Charms are delicate bracelets, pendants, or trinkets that are very small in size and come in various picture depictions. Usually, these are worn to invite good fortune. We love how this trend was merged into chokers, but charm chokers are quite appealing when it comes to detail and style.

  1. Bohemian Chokers
An all-silver bohemian choker.

In simple words, we would call bohemian chokers the first cousins of the gothic ones. Bohemians are made out of semi-precious stones or metals, and often paired up with fabric or lace extras to complete the look. These look utterly classic when adorned with casual outfits. Boho chokers are inspired by tribal jewelry, thus the Indo-ethnic look. You can opt for the classic silver chokers or ones with black or colored thread work detailing.

  1. Ethnic Chokers
Deepika Padukone flaunting an ethnic choker.

Last but not least, ethnic chokers. They just had to make it to the list, thanks to their magnificent jeweled look. Ethnic chokers are mostly worn with traditional outfits like sarees and lehengas. It is a modern take on the evergreen necklace pieces that are already ruling the world. You can choose to wear only the choker with your outfit, or can also pair it up with a layered piece to add texture to your look.

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