Splendid Nails for the Wedding Day


Nails are the littlest and one of the most important parts of a person’s body. Nails enhance the personality of a person and help them look confident and appealing. Everybody wants attractive nails, especially brides-to-be. There are several brides who are so obsessed with pretty nails that they are ready to spend any amount of money and time on them. Of course, the brides have to be fascinated by the lovely nails of the hands as they will grab most of the attention. Nails of both hands, as well as feet, are necessary to look healthy and beautiful. Nails are so delicate that they require so much care and attention but people often turn a blind eye to them sometimes even the brides don’t care about nails that much. Bridal nails are so in fashion and definitely rocking this era.

Pleasing nails also help the hands and feet look beautiful. Nails should be well taken care of before the week of the wedding. Brides should start preparing a list of what they want and don’t want for their nails. For strong and lovely nails start considering a fine diet. For the brides, shape your nails in a way that does not mess up with your chosen design. Here is the wedding blog for all the brides who want perfect nails on their wedding day.

    • Manicure and Pedicure

      Manis and Pedis are necessary

Manicure and pedicure is the first and foremost thing for the nails. It should be the priority of every bride to get their nails manicured and pedicured two or three days before the wedding. This will help in the removal of any kind of dirt and will help in making your hand and feet look younger. Manicure and pedicure will remove the dead skin from your hands and feet. This will also help the bride to release all the stress and mental pressure. The bride will feel rejuvenated. For all the brides, add this to your list and make it your priority. Manicure and pedicure will remove the dead skin from your hands and feet.

    • Steer clear of hot water

      Avoid hot water

After getting the manicure and pedicure moisturize them appropriately and make sure that you avoid putting your hands and feet in the hot water as it will make them dry and lifeless. For all the brides, always moisturize your hands after washing them as it will make them softer and nourished. You can use lukewarm water but avoid using hot water.

    • Choose the design you adore

      Choose your favourite designs

Don’t get confused with people’s opinions. Take your time and pick out the colour and the design you like. The bride gets to decide what she wants for herself on her wedding day. So, get the nail paint, finalize the design, and chill. Don’t get too expensive products. Get something modest and classy at the same time. Let your nails breathe and make them feel significant.

    • Pay heed to the cuticles

      Don’t forget the cuticles!

It is very important that cuticles are healthy and for healthy cuticles, they need enough care. The brides-to-be should pay great attention to their cuticles in order for their nails to look desirable. Many products have arrived on the market for the care of cuticles. Some brides tend to trim their cuticles which is wrong. You need to push them back so the nails could get highlighted. Although you can trim the hang nails as they will look bad on your hands and ultimately you will end up munching on them.

    • Add milk to your diet

      Get your daily dose of calcium

For healthy and strong nails you need milk in your diet as it is rich in calcium and nails need calcium in order to be sturdy. Brides are highly recommended to include milk in their everyday routine so that their nails get all healthy glossy and fit on the day of the wedding.

    • Try out your nail products before the wedding day

      Always try on the products before the big day

Try all of your products before the special day. It will give you an outlook on how to get a hold of them. It will also give the bride the idea of how their nails are going to look on the wedding day. So, don’t hesitate and get a check on them before it’s too late. Then, accordingly, get your nails done two or three days before the wedding. It will give them ample time to settle down. Then, you will be all set for the big day.

All brides should consider all these things before they get their nails done for their wedding day. Give yourself time and don’t rush into things. Have good food and pay attention to your nails after all it’s your wedding day and you will be the center of attraction. All eyes will be set on you. Simmer down. Look poised, feel poised!

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