Too much arrogance or independent attitude does not work in a marriage: Ssharad Malhotra


Marriage, an occasion that marks the commencement of a journey of two happy souls, with an expectation of happy ending sometimes ends into sourness and bitterness. ‘Happily Ever Afters’ have now become a distant dream from many. The ideology that marriages were made in heaven and the sanctity of the seven circumambulation are vanishing into thin air. Ssharad Malhotra, one of the prominent face of the Television Industry speaks his mind on why years of commitment are failing to culminate in an internal bond.

Wedding affair Sharad Malhotra

He avers “Marriages are getting difficult to sustain because everyone is too independent these days. Career priorities also create differences. Irritation levels of a metro life are at the peak and people mostly lack a support system. Everyone wants their own space and ends up being individualistic and stubborn and that drifts them apart. The more they stay apart the more the distance grows between them. Adjustment intentions are also important and need to be executed. Marriage is not only meeting of the hearts but also life, lifestyle, and families. Too much arrogance or independence attitude does not work in a marriage in the long run.”