Stage decorations ideas to jazz up your wedding


Weddings are extremely special for us Indians. We celebrate it in a way that it leaves our wedding guests in awe. The palatial venue, the grand revelry and the sumptuous food, everything in an Indian wedding is as grand as one can imagine. To make weddings even more grand and resplendent, wedding veterans are coming up with novel ways to amp up the charms of a wedding. One very simple way you can achieve this is by putting extra effort into the stage decoration, if you want to make a lasting impression in the minds of your guests. Here are the top 5 stage decoration ideas to increase the splendor of your wedding fourfold.

Immaculate Floral White

Floral white stage decor is one of the surefire ways to win appreciation from your wedding guests. Hoops of hanging flowers over the ceiling is bound to make the stage look sophisticated and classy.

Stage decor

Soothing Lilac Decor

Lilac stage decor is the new trend in the wedding scene. It shall certainly adds an elegant vibe to the entire wedding space. The colour lilac is soothing as well as deluxe. 

Opulent Red-Rose Decor

Red roses are a symbol of blooming love and you can work with these dainty flowers to add an exotic aura to your wedding venue. Bunched up red roses standing  over a tall vase is every bit stunning. 

Stage decor

Audacious Dark Pink Decor

If you wish to do something different from the tried and tested formulas, then opt for a bold dark-pink stage decor. Ensure that the stage is adorned with no other colour except this. The theme will surely surprise your wedding guests. 

Palatial Curtain Decor 

If you are one of those who feel flowers are too cliche, you can opt for elegant curtain decor. Satin drapes arranged meticulously on stage gives a regal ambience. Keep the flowers minimal to enhance the look. 

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