Stages indicating the right time to have “the talk” in a relationship


Having the talk can be a very scary or frightening experience as it is where you’re completely vulnerable and put yourself out there. Although it is scary to have the talk, it is also essential to know when is the right time to have it. Here are some tips that will help you deal with this dilemma tell you the right time to initiate the ‘talk’.

When people have started asking questions


We know it is very irritating when people around you start asking about your relationship status with a guy or girl as there is nothing that concerns them here. But when you think about it you can take this as a sign that it is probably the right time to have the talk as people have started asking questions. It can be a great ice breaker too, as you can start the talk and get some clarity on where is this going.

Timing is everything

This can be very tricky as you have to find the perfect balance between too soon and too late when it comes to the ‘talk’. It should never be at the start of any relationship because at that point you’re just getting to know the other person and when it’s too late it generally results in one or the other person getting hurt. Just find the balance between the two and you’ll be fine.

When you know his/her shades

At the beginning of any relationship, both people are just getting to know each other and their shades. During this phase, people spend a lot of time with each other as things are new and exciting which makes you desperate to be around that person. But there comes a time when you know all you need to know about a person and you just think to yourself that is he/she the one? And this question is what drives you to initiate that conversation.

When you feel the urge to


There comes a time in a relationship in which you just have to know where things are going and you can’t take it anymore. You will know when it’s that time because you will have an urge to get the answers to all your questions and get impulsive about having the ‘talk’ with your significant other.

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