Starting your relationship with commitment 


Commitment is not built in a day, it takes consistent efforts to build something meaningful with someone. A strong fidelity is the foundation of a healthy relationship. A relationship cannot survive without this key ingredient. The good news is you can build commitment by taking little extra effort towards the direction. It can improve your relationship to the tee. One can express commitment every day through various little ways to keep the relationship trustful and happy. Wedding Affair shares the five ways to build commitment in your relationship. 

Show Loyalty

Loyalty is something the reinforces commitment. Without loyalty, commitment cannot last and hence you ought to find ways to display your loyalty towards your partner every single day. Little things such as talking ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ goes a long way. 

Be Vulnerable

Expressing vulnerability can bring you two closer and help deepen the bond you share. Being vulnerable shows that you can bring more commitment and intimacy to your relationship. commitment

Be a Team

You don’t always have to speak in words to convey your commitment. Actions speak way louder than words. Stand in support of your partner whenever they need you. When arguing remember that you two are a team.

Disagree With Kindness

The way a couple behaves when in disagreement tells a lot about their relationship. In order to keep the commitment from eroding, keep the disagreements minimal and more importantly take the gentler route when arguing.


Showing respect is not only necessary for a relationship to thrive, but it also helps build commitment. Respect your partner and expect the same from them. Doing this shall certainly improve the level of faithfulness you have for each other. 


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