Stating 4 lessons from Akshay Kumar’s wardrobe series 


B-town divas are always on priority while look for style statements, but why should girls have all the fun? Even the handsome hunks of Bollywood are no less, they have never disappointed us with their prolific fashion statements. And while we say handsome hunks, then its time to address the ultimate superhero- Akshay Kumar. We all have appreciated his performances on the silver screen, but now it’s time to appreciate his wardrobe choices. Listed below are four lessons that all the gentlemen need to learn from this dapper actor.

Pastels are for men too


The iconic star of the Indian cinema, Akshay Kumar has never disappointed us neither through his performances and nor through his fashion statements. Since this article is all about Akshay Kumar and a few fashion lessons from him, well then the first one would be that pastels are for men too. Akshay Kumar is seen looking all dapper and cool in some of his best pastel sweatshirts, in one of his movie promotions the actor was seen wearing a baby pink sweatshirt, and trust me he looked sure duper hot.

Camouflage is the ultimate print

While we are talking about Akshay Kumar well then how can we not add a patriotic twist into this lineup? Kumar and his fashion statements are incomplete without mentioning the times he adorned camouflage prints like a superhero. The ace actor is seen looking all dope and dapper in his camouflage track pants and sweatshirts in the same print while promoting some of his patriotic ventures.

Florals are not just for ladies

Akshay Kumar the astounding actor is not just an expert in wooing us through his thunderous performances, but he is also worthy of being a heartthrob because of his unique fashion sense. The next tip you need to learn from his wardrobe series is that even men can look all smart and sexy in a floral print suit. Not just in his reel performances, but in his real-life too, the actor is all about marking a statement with his floral looks.

If it’s not black, put it back!


This is probably Akshay Kumars secret fashion mantra because were sure that you all mustve seen him seldom adorning some all-black outfits. His sexy jet-black tracks and sweatshirts are what give us ultimate fashion goals. If you havent seen any of his al #AllBlack looks then you should probably think of stalking him on the gram and once you do, we’re sure that your heart is definitely going to skip a beat.

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