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These days can be a little exhausting. Unlike other days, life before quarantine, we used to have a schedule and follow it. But that’s not the case these days and we need to take extra of ourselves and to feel active. Often it is observed that people get completely exhausted as the excessively long days at home make them so tired. But, despite all these engagements you can still manage to stay active and feel fresh throughout your day. Staying active is a habit that you can surely inculcate. Fret not and Read on to find out how. Wedding Affair brings to you some simple yet golden tricks to stay active. 

Healthy And Balanced Breakfast 

A heavy breakfast may prove good, but a healthy and balanced breakfast, contemplating the day to day activities, can keep you active for all day long. 


Sufficient Sleep 

You cannot skip or go easy on this as it will not only affect how you look look but would also make you feel exhausted and worn out. A minimum of eight hours of sleep at night is compulsory to make your body work efficiently and active for an entire day. 

Efficacious Exercise 

It’s not about lifting heavy weights and dumbbells at the gym —  you can go for a morning walk, meditate or just hit a zumba class. Start exercising bit by bit every day, this will not only keep your body fit, it will also keep you fresh and active throughout your wedding. 


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

We know the hassle of these day can make you forget that you need to keep yourself hydrated but, this is one thing that you ought to keep in mind —  no excuses allowed! Hydration is the key to a healthy body, mind and soul. You cannot say no to water and that too on such a hustle-bustle day. Keep consuming fruit juices, shakes, lemon water, carbonated water, coconut water or so, the point is your body should be sufficiently hydrated. 

Say No No Captivating Caffeine

Generally, caffeine is considered as an energy-booster but it is not a good option for your daily use as it might keep you energetic for a while but can take you down at an inopportune time. So, better neglect the caffeine as much as you can and consume healthier options of liquids.

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