Stay Safe during Cross Country Travel


Travelling across countries is an exciting idea altogether but do not forget the safety quotient in all the excitement. One has to be extremely careful in a new country about their laws, regulations and general behavior expectations. You’re of course well-versed with the country ethics you live in and also you are aware of the consequences if you overlook any. Similarly it is important to adhere to the rules and ethics of the country you’re planning to travel to remain safe. It is also important to safeguard your belongings and important documents to ensure that you do not get stranded in a new place, especially not when you’re a newly wedded couple travelling for your honeymoon.

A few tips by Kapil Goswamy, CMD, will help you stay safe during cross-country travel.

Documents and passport

Right from when you get out of your door, you need to start being careful about your passport and visa documents. It is important to keep the documents in a comfortable bag or pouch and you should keep it on your person at all times. There may be times when you may want to go all out and have fun, but even at those times, it is safest to have your passport as identification for yourself.

Cultural norms

A lot of countries have their own cultural norms that also translate to rules in a lot of cases. You need to make sure that you educated yourself on the rules and regulations of the place before you even start shopping for the trip. You may have to wear only certain kinds of clothes and some clothes may be frowned upon in the country that you are going to, in such cases, it is best you avoid wearing such clothes to avoid getting dirty looks and stares.

Health and medication

When you are at a new place and have to eat food that is different from the food that you eat back home, you might be at a risk of falling sick. The change in climate may also lead you to fall ill, which is when you have to be armed with generic medicines before you are able to find a doctor. It also helps to refrain from eating or drinking too much when you are in a place that is new to you.


While you may enjoy your drink and may be accustomed to holding it well, there are a lot of countries where drinking is either looked down upon or banned altogether. To stay safe, you need to be aware of the alcohol rules to make sure that you do not end up ruffling feathers the wrong way.

Muggers and pickpockets

A whole lot of countries may be the most beautiful places to visit, you have to be sure that you go to the right locations during safe timings. You should be careful about your cash, cards, phone, other valuables and belongings in general to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay. Trusting strangers in a new country may not be the best thing to do.

When you take all the right precautions, it can be helpful in ensuring that you have an enjoyable and memorable trip and you can come back home safely with the most viable memories to last for a lifetime.

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