Steer clear of these mistakes while planning a wedding

mistakes to avoid

You are done with your roka ceremony, your wedding date is fixed. There might be months before you plan to get hitched, you know you’ve to start planning everything from today itself. If you are someone who fancies all the glitz and glam of weddings, we know you will go above and beyond to make your day outshine. While destination weddings can seem pretty stressful and overwhelming, it is one of the surefire ways to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. Here’s a list of all the things that you should not be doing while planning your dream wedding.

Over Stressing About The Guests 

The biggest mistakes of every couple who plans their dream wedding is “whether or not your friends and other guests will be able show up?” To be obsessively fixated on who will make it to the wedding and who won’t, is how nearly every bride is months before her wedding is to happen. Pause and take a deep breath. People who care for you and the ones you really care about will be there. Anyway, we’d give you a heads up — it is extremely difficult that everyone will make it at the wedding. Just be prepared for a few cancellations here and there.

Mistakes to avoid

Assuming Things Will Happen On Their Own

This is the gravest mistakes of all that you can make — assuming that your planner, vendor or florist will handle things on their own. Let them know even the minutest details because this is the risk you cannot afford to take. Rather than just saying things it is always better to hand it down to them in writing.

Cutting Corners On Photography

When your day is over, all that will remain are those glossy albums, full of memories to look back to. When you see your wedding album years after your marriage, make sure it has captured enough of those precious moments that no one can take their eyes off of it. While you may be splurging on your wedding day, don’t forget to book a skilled professional photographer — one whose work you should have seen earlier.

mistakes to avoid

Shipping Important Things

If you’ve planned your wedding in a different country, don’t make the mistake of shipping your wedding dress or anything as important as that, which you absolutely cannot do without. You never know, it could be lost, stolen or held up at customs. 

Trusting Just Anyone With Your Wedding Ring

Don’t shy away from being picky when it comes to the one who is going to keep your wedding ring. Hand it to over someone you can trust even with your eyes closed. Losing your wedding/engagement ring can create a huge chaos. You may be best friends with someone for years but trusting them for something as important as the ring can be one of the biggest mistakes.

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