Style The Scarf This Winter


Scarves are the winter staple. Aren’t they? Wear them in the hair to keep your style quotient high, or wrap the woollen ones around your neck to keep yourself warm and cosy in the chills of the winter — they can render multiple purposes. This winter, keep yourself warm while styling your scarf in the best possible way. Pop your outfit with colour with a silk scarf or a bandana, or maybe grab a heavy woollen one to fight the heavy winter. Take a look at how Wedding Affair suggests you style the scarf this winter.

1. Knotted Around The Neck


Keep your neck warm while you also look uber chic and stylish with a colourful scarf around your neck knotted in a bow maybe. Small scarves, made of silk or cotton, serve the purpose. Chequered, floral, animal print or colourful — the options for this kind of styling are limitless.

2. Draped As A Jacket


Big scarves, or stoles, can be wrapped around the body and buckled with a belt to provide a high-fashion touch to your outfit. Let the scarf be the star of your outfit with this elegant yet hip look. Counted in the modern ways to use the scarf, this way of draping can be styled with Indian ethnic wear as well.

3. Infinity Scarf Look

The Fashionisto

The classic and popular way of using the woollen scarves in winter, infinity scarf look includes looping the fabric multiple times around the neck.

4. In The Hair

The Zoe Report

Scarves, when used in the hair, can lift up the entire mood of the outfit. Used either as a headband or a hair tie, the scarf can be used in various ways in the hair. The idea is to lend a finishing to the overall outfit.

5. On The Bag

Trendique Magazine

This is a handy and stylish way of carrying your scarf with you so that you can use it later when the chills set in. Wrap it around the straps or handles of your bag to give a new look to your bag.