Suited Inspirations for the Grooms of 2022


Grooms are gearing up for their big days with all the enthusiasm, but the same old monotonous dressing styles? We won’t let that happen with our men. Let us talk about men’s styling today. Are you also scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest to find something that defines your style, and makes you stand out of the crowd as a groom should, but still doesn’t over the top? Do not worry, we have made the job easier for you. Look at some examples below and choose the one that pleases you and your lady –

  1. Vintage suits
Draw inspirations from the previous generations.

When in doubt, pick up ancient books, or look into the old classic movies where the heroes are everything that a person needs to obey. You are going to find some magnificent pieces of tailoring that will surely please the eyes of today’s generation too. You will find pinstripes and warm tones, big checks, and double-breasted blazers. Grooms who are getting married in the sunnier days can skip the wool and focus on the other styles. Men deeply engaged in deeper tones of suits that look super suave and do the job perfectly. If you, too, love to go dark, this is your sign to go ahead.

  1. Three-piece suiting
Define class in a three-piece.

Looking for some dapper inspirations? Try three-piece suits. No, you will not sweat in them if you choose the suitable material according to the weather. And you could anytime remove the blazer and flaunt your inner jacket. There is something really classic about a three-piece suit that definitely elevates your aura as soon as you don one. These suits look more sophisticated than the regular two-pieces.

  1. Personalized accessories
Invest equally on your accessories for the big day.

Accessories are an important part of grooming, especially for your wedding. Although grooms definitely invest less in those than the brides, this is also a bigger challenge as they have to nail it while doing the bare minimum. Pick an elegant and quirky pair of cufflinks for your big day, you could also match those with your groomsmen. Do not forget to wear your favorite watch to your wedding, where each moment is precious. Follow the rule of matching your belt with your shoes. Also, be careful while picking your socks as they could make or break your entire outfit.

  1. Pop of color
Don’t be shy, play with colors.

Not one of the minimal ones? Ditch the same old colors, and switch your color palette. Recently, pastel and pop colors have been making news in the wedding industry and it is an interesting one. Play with colors by either choosing a monochromatic look in one bright or pastel color or by creating a mix and match combination for your final look. This could go really well with your bride’s ensemble and the theme of your wedding.

  1. Print play
A chic way to level up your game – do prints.

Another way to elevate the above style is to play with prints. The safest way is to pick a three-piece suit and keep your blazer and trousers in the same bright or pastel shade. Now for the jacket, you could choose to pick a print in the same color tone but with different detailing. Easy, isn’t it? this way you can experiment more with your prints. Don’t go bold if you are skeptical. Choose between stripes, checks, florals, or even embroidery.

  1. Skip the pocket square
Pocket Boutonnieres look adorable.

Here is another accessory tip. Pocket squares are very common with all the grooms. And not just grooms, but everyone who is wearing a suit. If all the men are carrying a pocket square, how does the groom stand out? Here is the solution. Instead, try flower accessories for your pocket. These are also known as Pocket Boutonnieres. They come in various designs and styles to suit your taste and fit. Skip the pocket square and woo your lady with a pocket of flowers.