Best shades to adorn your home with this summer


Once the Indian summer arrives, the idea to bring freshness and coolness to the interiors becomes crucial. The magic of sustainable interiors during the summers is in the colours you choose for your home. And the shades should be visible everywhere, from the furniture to décor to walls, etc. Here are some of the best summer shades for sustainable interiors in Indian summer.

Dusky Blue

This summer shade will illuminate your home with a sense of wonderfully warm retreat. Blue in any shade of it will naturally bring in a cooling touch to your interiors. Dusky blue will be best complemented with white and grey shades.

summer decor

Berry Red

This colour has extensive pairing capabilities that allows one to push their limits. Red is an inspiring, fun and stylish colour. A bright splish-splash of berry red, even if it is in the tiniest form, will make a big statement.

Coastal Ivory

The coastal ivory will pair with almost any pastel hue and it should be complemented with natural elements and accents to create a soothing vibe in the abode. If you do not want to go for the beach vibes – try delicate prints in this shade – they exude contemporary with a hint of rooted undertones and then pair with patterned – bold, jewel-toned tiny accents to add a tint of contrast.

summer decor

Rose Dust Pink

It is a soft summer tone with just enough edginess. It blends well with both warm and cool tones, and is the new neutral of the season. Go all pink or add larger accents of this beautifully soft tone. Summers will shine through.


It is one of the most underused summer shades in interior design and perhaps a beautiful addition in homes for summer. It tends to add a sense of continuity with the outside, freshness and invite nature to the home.

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