Summer wedding decor for the coming season!

Summer wedding

Whether you’re getting married at the start of the season in late June, at the tail-end in late September, or in the middle during either July or August, a summer wedding date affords you tons of opportunities to embrace the season on your big day. If you’re taking advantage of the sunny forecast and tying the knot on the beach or serving your favourite seasonal treats (think ice cream or sliced watermelon), you already understand what the hottest months have to offer. Wedding Affair brings some top wedding decor ideas for you this summer!

Freshness with Flowers and Fruits

For the last few years, palm leaf details are a trending summer wedding décor. A hanging installation with palm leaves with a short message to keep the party going can be an exciting idea. You can decorate your tablescape with fresh citrus fruits that act as a chic centrepiece.Summer wedding

Twinkle Lights

Small white lights are one of the easiest ways to add drama to a wedding setting. Making a barn wedding location feel elegant is easy when you add some twinkle lights and they also make for a great place for people to mingle. This particular barn wedding showcases just how great lights can look both inside and outside.

Welcome Baskets

Welcome your attendees to your warm-weather event by treating them to some seasonal goodies. We’re pretty sure they’ll thank you for something like this summery spread, complete with honey and gin from local stores, florals from fresh gardens around, and twine to just appease them to the fullest.

Ice Cream Corners

A wonderful way to end a summer wedding is by serving up some cold ice cream. If serving ice cream at a wedding sounds like an impossible task you might need to think again. By hiring local food trucks that specialize in desserts and ice cream you and make your guests super happy. 

Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns can simply be described as simple and beautiful. Once it gets dark, you can release a few sky lanterns at your outdoor wedding setting. It actually looks awesome when the lanterns float in the dark night sky. So if you like this idea, don’t forget to buy these lanterns in advance.

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