Suneet Varma Lights Up Day 2 At India Couture Week


On the second day of ICW 2019, ace designer Suneet Varma showcased his collection  ‘Amara’. One of India’s foremost couturiers, Suneet Varma is a name that immortalises glamour and timeless style. 

According to Suneet Varma, every person has a “light within” which makes them unique. His latest couture collection ‘Amara’ draws inspiration from these energies.  The designer said, “I have met a lot of people over the course of work in this industry in the last 31 years. The more people I meet, the more girls I dress, my belief that there is a light within everyone gets stronger. Some of them are aware of it, and a lot of people don’t know this. I am more interested in the light that is within a bride.

His collection ‘Amara’ is a romantic collection that displayed 52 pieces of sterling traditional Indian silhouettes as well as contemporary wear. The appearance of the raiments was enhanced by Swarovski crystals, mirror work, beadwork as well as intricate hand embroidery. Ivory, beige and icy pink colours outshined in his collection. Dark shades of midnight blue and burgundy with silver accents amped up the look of the ensembles to a whole new level.  

Meticulous craftsmanship, a strong design sensibility and undying love for sartorial research, Varma’s ensembles exude fantasy, sexy sophistication and unadulterated femininity for the woman of today. “India has a century-old love affair with couture or made to measure for pleasure. There is no denying the luxurious indulgence of precious finery, the magical beauty of one-off embellished wedding attire and the sparkle of personalized jewels that are made to match with it,” said Suneet Varma. “For me, everything should come from the heart. It cannot be about the colour of the season or what would sell and is commercial. It will sell regardless. I have to be happy with what I do,” he further added.

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