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Are you a foodie at heart but hate cooking? If you shouted yes, then you have landed up on the right page. Cooking every meal doesn’t need patience and long hours standing over the stove. It can be super easy, exciting and fun! We bring you the super scrumptious 3-ingredient recipes can be made in just few minutes. Even if you are running late for work or college, you can just grab the trio of these ingredients and turn them into something mouth watery.

Mac and Cheese 

Got the midnight cravings and not sure what to do? Grab some macaroni, milk and cheese and make yourself a scrumptious bowl of mac and cheese. This is a fail-proof recipe, that tastes delicious round the clock!

Tomato Cheese Toasties 

If you even get hunger pangs and need a quick bite in between your bust schedule, this easy recipe comes super handy. Grab a few slices of bread, lay the cheese sheet and top it up with some cut tomatoes. Sprinkle some mixed herbs and you are done.

Creamy Oreo Cheesecake 

Have friends coming over for a movie night and there’s no dessert? No problem, NO BAKE oreo cheesecake is here to save you. Who doesn’t love oreos! Grab some oreos, cream cheese and condensed milk and easily turn it into a tasty cheesecake without any baking hassle.

Spiced Side Gravy 

Take some fresh tomatoes, onion, butter and churn them in grinder. Add some spices and you can eat this sauce with pasta or noodles. Use it as a paste for sandwiches or simple pour it over steamed vegetables.

Banana Pudding 

With this super easy peasy recipe, all your sweet cravings would be satisfied. All you need to do is throw some milk, banana and chia seeds in a mixing bowl and eat!

Chocolate Mug Mudcake 

Have a sudden craving for something chocolaty and you don’t want to go through the tedious process of baking? Just mix the cocoa powder, sugar and flour. Microwave it, and treat yourself with a super chocolaty mudcake.

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