Sure-shot signs you should marry your partner


In the age of swipe left and swipe right relationships, it gets a bit tricky to find out if you have met the one you should marry. Feelings can be a lot more easier to decipher if one could put it to words. But at times, actions do speak louder than words and you can surely lookout for these seven signs to confirm your hunch. 

That Smile

His happiness when you are around is suffice to say that he genuinely feels for you. He will not only go the extra mile to be with you but also make sure you have an unforgettable time together.  

You Mean The World To Him

He holds your hand as if you are the most precious being in this world. While walking on the road he will always walk on the outer side to make sure you keep safe. Though he will never be dominating or over-powering but will always be there when you need someone. 

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Introduces You To His Loved Ones

Not out of obligation but he will take pride in introducing you to his family and friends. According to him, you are the most amazing woman he has ever met. 

Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder

There are times when you may not be looking the best version of yourself and yet he ends up complimenting you for how you are looking. He sees the beauty that no one else ever did. Don’t blame him if you catch him staring at you from across the room. 

He Listens Carefully

He wants to know you as much as he can. Your favourite book, your past, your wounds, your little joys, everything. With him, each and every day is a new day and he surprises you with his eagerness to know you. 

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He Shares As Well

Not only does he listen and remember everything you say, he also makes it a point to openly share about himself. Each day you unveil a new chapter and learn something about him. Things are not going to be smooth-sailing always but the two of you will strike a balance.

Respects You 

No matter what, he will always respect you and take into consideration your feelings and choices. Even when things go downhill, he will never malign you in front of his friends or family. He will always have good things to speak about you. 

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