Surviving Covid-19 Anxiety With Your Partner


The world is struggling with an unprecedented situation. Everyone is going through immense worry and anxiety. During this time, it is important that we make a conscious effort to keep our mental balance. The Covid-19 anxiety can very easily seep into your relationship and can spell trouble for a relationship. Staying for days on end at home can make you nagging, complaining and irritated, but you just can’t afford to let these things affect your relationship. Maintaining a healthy relationship and not letting the anxiety affect your relationship in these testing times is a skill that needs to be learnt.

The fundamental lesson is to remember to be kind and generous to your partner. In these rough times, you can build your relationship stronger than ever. Social distancing can be tough if you are living with your partner. One can easily make a slip-up here and there. But it is important to be kind to your partner at all times. Just remember that we are all sailing in the same boat and we all can save it together with empathy towards each other. 

Don’t let your stress creep into your arguments and conversations with your partner. Rather find time to speak to your partner about all the happy things. With so much of negative news aroud, finding positivity every day in the little things really count. Quality conversations go a long way in bringing relationship satisfaction. Hence if you can’t go outdoors with your partner, plan intimate indoor dates. Make time for meaningful moments with your partner and gradually you will see how smoothly the two of you sail through this.     

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