Sustainable Wedding Return Gifts

Sustainable Wedding Return Gifts

Weddings are associated with huge pomp and show, it is for this primary reason that Indian weddings have been recognized as “big-fat weddings.” With the lavish setting of wedding processions being carried, there also arises a vacuum for an extravagant gift exchange. Gifting can be tricky. It is an art which requires the perfect synchronization of thought process, affordability, and accessibility. A thoughtful gift not only holds utility and value but is also affordable and accessible to all. This wedding season to drive your fear of a ‘perfect’ wedding gift, here are some Sustainable Wedding Return Gifts ideas to raise a cheer.

  1. Sow Love: The dream of a kitchen garden is what many people have. With this thoughtful set of eco-friendly garden kits, keep the freshness of bonds intact. It is an ideal wedding return gift not only because it is sustainable but also because it shows how care can grow into strong, evergreen bonds. Sow love, harvest happiness. What perfect gift than the gift of love?Shop at Indiamart Shop at Indiamart
  2. Tea Jar Favors: Tea has always been aromatic and nostalgic. With these special customizable tea jar favors, make it memorable. Available in eleven varied flavours, let tea jars stir in aroma to your bond.Shop at Amazon
  3. Eco-friendly Candles: Candles are one of the most thoughtful and lovely return gifts because your guests can enjoy them even after your wedding day. Who doesn’t dive into the fragrance of fresh aromatic candles? Well, everyone does! But them being eco-friendly is icing on the cake.Shop at The Knot
  4. Coconut Bowls: Sealed with the freshness of organic coconut oil for a smooth and shiny look, Coconut Bowls are made up of the byproduct of the coconut industry and serve as a classy sustainable wedding gift. These bowls are made up of coconut shells that are reclaimed and turned into pesticide and chemical-free biodegradable bowls. These bowls are not only made up of elements from Earth but also seep in Earth.                                                                                                                                                      Shop at Amazon
  5. Bamboo Tea Board Drainage: Made of premium grade solid bamboo, Bamboo Tea Board Drainage is durable and elegant. It can be used as a substitute for plastic tea strainers to strain the tea in a classy way.

Sustainable Wedding Return Gifts

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Out of a gazillion Sustainable Wedding Return Gifts, these were the five such gifts that can make the best wedding return gift. So, next time whenever you think of gifting, think of the planet, think of sustainability. Gift Green!