Exciting Sweet Boxes Ideas for your Indian Wedding

Sweet Boxes

Sweet Boxes: Indian weddings without sweets do not make any sense. It is a delicacy that Indians cannot leave without. ‘Mithai’ as they call sweets is like a ritual or a cultural significance for them. Sweets work as a positive thing when something nice or positive takes place in an Indian household. And what can be more auspicious than the wedding ceremony for Indians?

Indian sweets are usually made of milk and cheese or mewa. India is a diverse country and each part has its own well-known dessert. Indians are born with a sweet tooth. You must be tired of looking at the same old sweets in the sweet boxes. It becomes quite predictable what it must be having. Here we present you with some unique ideas for sweet boxes that you can consider giving to your guests.

No one can say no to cake if designed and presented gracefully it can allure anyone. Go for the jars that are made of glass. They will look exquisite and prettier. Use natural ingredients which will help in storing the cake jar for more than a day. Or your guests can just eat them away with a spoon or with bare hands. The choice is all yours!

It is not necessary to add only sweets to the sweet boxes. You can other significant things also such as Incense sticks (Agarbatti). Incense sticks bring positive vibes or a nice aroma to the house. Go for the sticks that have a light and soothing fragrance. It is said that Agarbatti burns all the negativity. Thus, it will be a good addition to the sweet box.

Ever heard of Motichoor doughnuts? Never, right?  It is the trending sweet that people are finding interesting to have. The doughnuts are filled with the Motichoor mixture which is very exciting. The modern-day mithai is available in many known outlets. They give their signature touch by adding something different to the sweets such as rose petals. Therefore, add it to your sweet boxes.

Scented candles hold a different relevance in our daily lives. They are made to stabilise the mood of a person and in remembrance of someone. You can get a scent customised according to your own preferences. Scented candles have aesthetic worth. So, if you add this item to your sweet box they will remember you for a lifetime.

You can add mouth fresheners such as saunf and dry paan. They come in little jars. So, it will be easy for you to wrap them in your sweet boxes. They will look different and fascinating. Hence, you can add a variety of flavours to the mouth fresheners.

So, these are some unique things that you can add to your wedding sweet boxes. They will not only look amazing but will also work as something unique to be remembered by the wedding guests. Think no more! Add these items to your wedding goodies and be the reason for good memories that people will cherish forever.