Sweet delights for Rakshabandhan

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Rakshabandhan is a beautiful festival where the bond of love and protection is celebrated between sisters and brothers. Indian festivals are not only an extension of beliefs in holy legends and ceremonial rituals but also of undying faith, emotions and of course a melange of good food. For this Rakshabandhan, Wedding Affair brings to you some amazing sweet recipes that you can try at home.

Coconut Laddoo

Keep a heavy bottomed pan or kadai on stove top. Add 1 tablespoon ghee and let it melt. Keep the flame to a low and then add 2.5 cups desiccated coconut powder. On a low flame saute the coconut for 1 minute. Then add 1 cup condensed milk. Mix the condensed milk very well with the coconut. On a low to medium-low flame with non stop stirring saute the mixture till it starts to leave sides of pan. Switch off the flame when the mixture has thickened and leaves the sides of pan. Then add ⅓ teaspoon cardamom powder. Mix very well. Let the mixture become warm or cool down at room temperature. Then with a spoon, scoop out the ladoo mixture. Shape into ladoos. On a plate take 3 tablespoons desiccated coconut. Roll the ladoo in desiccated coconut. This rakshabandhan impress your siblings with this sweet.

Kaju Katli

This one’s perfect for Rakshabandhan. Take 1 cup cashews in a dry grinder or coffee grinder. Keep cashews at room temperature. Hence the cashews are dry. Avoid using refrigerated cashews. Grind the cashews to a smooth powder. Make sure you don’t over do the grinding process as oil should not release from the cashews. The cashews should be in powder form and not become pasty. If there are tiny pieces in the cashew powder, then just let it be.

Or you can also sieve the cashew powder and keep aside. Use a medium fine sieve and not a fine one to sieve the powdered cashews. Take half cup sugar (or as required) and 5 tbsp water in a thick bottomed pan. Keep on low flame and let the sugar dissolve in the water. There is no consistency in the sugar syrup like one string or two string. Just let the sugar dissolve in the water and then proceed with the next step. When the sugar completely dissolves in the water, add the cashew powder. Stir and keep on stirring and stirring on a low flame. If there are lumps then break the lumps as you stir and continue to stir.

Depending on your temperature, pan etc you can use a time span of 7 to 9 minutes after adding the cashew powder. another way of checking is taking a small piece of the dough and form into a ball. Put the entire cashew dough on the work surface. Add 1 tsp rose petals (or 8-9 strands of saffron) and 1 tbsp ghee or coconut oil. roll to get a thickness of about 3 to 5 mm. Let the rolled cashew dough cool before cutting out. Serve this with a bit of garnishing on Rakshabandhan.

Chocolate Sandesh

You will need fresh chenna (curdled or coagulated milk stripped of all its whey) to make the sandesh. Once the chenna is ready. Then you just crumble it and blitz in a blender or grinder with cocoa powder and sugar, till the mixture becomes smooth. Add this mixture to a thick bottomed non stick pan or frying pan. with continuous stirring begin to cook on a low flame. After a few minutes the mixture will come to have a smooth and molten consistency. ontinue to stir and cook. You will see below that the color has darkened and the sandesh mixture has lost some its moisture and has started coming together. Take all of the sandesh mixture on a small plate. Let it become warm or cool down completely. Gently knead the mixture. Make small or medium sized balls from the sandesh. This sweet is a must have for this rakshabandhan.

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