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An Exotic Affair To Remember: Amari Galle

You may have considered Sri Lanka for your honeymoon but have you thought about its stunning backdrops for a wedding? Sri Lanka’s palm-fringed beaches and colonial style buildings are one of the prettiest and most exotic places to get married. Nothing can really beat a pretty beach wedding against the Sri Lankan sky that changes colours as your ceremony progresses. Arguably one of the most romantic wedding hotels in Sri Lanka, Amari Galle is abundant with magical settings that are no less spectacular than you deserve on your special day.

A Rustic Wedding in Amari Galle Sri Lanka

With your wedding, you commence a beautiful journey of love and support with your partner, and don’t all beautiful journeys deserve beautiful beginnings? Amari...

Have Your Dream Wedding At Amari Galle, Sri Lanka

Selecting the perfect place for a destination wedding is always make people hate this job than loving it, the whole setup, preparation and the...

Gear Up For The Best Times At Amari Galle, Sri Lanka

Imagine taking vows amidst the best of nature, a romantic stroll on the golden sandy bays, a divine splurge into the infinity pool with...