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5 DIY Hair Masks For A Frizz-Free Monsoon Mane!

Beauty has no boundaries. Everyone's definition of beauty is subject to their own beliefs and everyone' beautiful in their own way. While some consider...

How to find the best makeup artist for your wedding?

All that a bride wants is to look beautiful. With months of toiling around to find the best wedding dress, the most gorgeous jewellery,...

Certain activities that keep you active 

Sometimes we get in a phase of our life where we often feel tired but it is important to snap out of that phase and adopt a healthier routine

#CoupleGoals with Bollywood couples 

Listed below are some of the most popular B-Town celebs who are not just reel life couples, but real-life inspirations too. 

Stating the last highlights: ICW day 6 and 7 

we would like to sum up the highlight of these splendid couture collections by stating the last two days of this luxurious celebration.

From the essence of beauty to the charms of love: Day...

By adding an extra pinch of luxury and plush designs to the ongoing India couture week 2021, here we have yet another successful day...

Drown yourself into a plush range of Jewellery with P.P.Jewellers 

P.P. Jewellers tend to assist you with a plush range of jewellery lines for all the lovely ladies out there.

Continuing the regal affair at ICW: Day 4 

The second digital edition of India couture week seemed to continue the regal essence of the event on the fourth day.

Nikon: a beautiful essence of capturing moments

One just can’t let go of the mesmerizing feeling and aura of the weddings without capturing them, and Nikon seems to have taken this job by heart

“Beetroot”: an ultimate addition to your daily diet

There are certain elements that seem not that tasteful in terms of maintaining a healthy diet. One such element that acts as an ultimate...

A few saree stunners to take inspiration from: B-town edition 

Brides are always looking for major inspiration from all the Bollywood divas, and especially when it comes to Indian wear.

A peep into the plush aura of Hyatt Regency Resort Dharamshala

Hyatt regency Dharamshala Resort is the ultimate charm of scenic luxury, spread across 6.5 acres of land