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Continuing the regal affair at ICW: Day 4 

The second digital edition of India couture week seemed to continue the regal essence of the event on the fourth day.

Goofy essentials for your bachelorette: ‘bride to be’ edition 

Listed below are a few things that should count as ‘essentials’ for your bachelor parties, because c’mon why should boys have all the fun?!

Things to avoid a week before the wedding: Bridal edition

Listed below are a few things all the brides should specifically avoid, a week before their wedding. 

Significance of the ‘Must-have’ bridal jewellery pieces 

This article will explore the significance and the detailed description of why do the brides wear these ‘must-have’ jewellery pieces at their weddings. 

Pep talk sessions for our lovely brides 

we have a list of pep talks that you brides need to give to yourself. Just keep all things listed below in your mind and everything’s going to fall right into place. 

Mind-boggling beauty launches!!

From lip stains to eye shadows you’re in for a big surprise. So, not to make you wait any further we have a few luxurious beauty products listed below that launched recently.

Post makeup routine: skincare tips to follow 

Getting all dolled up for a party and doing dapper makeup sure feels good, but you will have to make sure to clean all that up

3 ultimate ways to apply your liquid foundations, and why!?

we might not be any experts, but listed below are the three most common ways that you should choose to apply your foundations.

A few fruit peels that act as beauty treatments

if you are a big-time fruit lover then you should know the fact that throwing off fruit peels is not exactly a good idea. Because fruits peels are a lot more than just waste,

Bridal tips to conquer the wedding: one night before edition 

We have a list of four tips that you brides need to follow one night before your wedding day in order to avoid certain backlashes in your fairytale beginning. 

Dewy Makeup for the Wedding season

You can make yourself have that natural dewy glow within the comforts of your own home. Take a look at Wedding Affair’s guide.

Trend Alert: Bridal Makeup tips very bride must know

Makeup can either make or mar a look, there is no in between. It’s your D-day so you don’t want anything to go wrong with your makeup.