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Brides! Use these to keep your eyeshadow game on point!

Wedding Affair presents a list of the best eyeshadow palettes available for you. Try these and see the results for yourself!

About Bridal Makeup Artists

Your look is never complete without the right makeup. Here are five tips that you should keep in mind before hiring your makeup artist.

To-be-brides must watch these movies!

Since the weekend is here, we bring a list of some of the most amazing and fun movies for every bride-to-be.

For your ethnic footwear needs

Here we have assembled the list of some popular Indian brands of bridal footwear, just for your ethnic footwear needs!

Hairstyles for the Bridesmaids!

Take a look at these gorgeous looks, and choose the perfect hairstyle for the next wedding you’re going to attend!

Brides get your hands on these must-haves

A bride’s trousseau holds a prominent place. Here are 5 things picked by Wedding Affair that every bride must have in her trousseau.

Hairstyles for the discerning bride

Hairstyles for brides are about that soft touch and dainty look. Wedding Affair enlists some extremely gorgeous hairstyles for the brides.

Wedding jewellery for the Rajputana Brides

In a heavy Gota Patti embroidered Rajputi poshak and equally rich and heavy Rajputi jewellery, the Rajputana bride resembles a princess.

Saree ideas for South Indian weddings 

Here is a list of some fantastic sarees that complete the look of a traditional bride beautifully for a South Indian marriage ceremony.

Pandemic & Bridal Couture: Stylised Bridal Face Masks

Wedding Affair lists bridal masks glorifying the bridal couture. While the pandemic prevails, the brides bring couture to their COVID masks.

Maximal Jewellery: Glamorous pieces for every bride

Take a look at these beautiful jewellery pieces that are sure to add drama to your wedding looks. Experiment and shine!

OM Jewellers: For the most exquisite jewellery

Laced with 80 years of experience, OM Jewellers is one of the finest choices when selecting jewellery for any occasion.