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Know this before you head to your honeymoon

Here are things you should know when embarking on your honeymoon. Take a look at these things, shortlisted by Wedding Affair.

Starting your relationship with commitment 

One can express commitment every day through various little ways to keep the relationship trustful and happy.

Head to these islands for your honeymoon

After months of stressful wedding planning and preparation, finally, the married couple enters the relaxation of the Honeymoon!

V-Day Special: Cute date ideas

Wedding Affair shares the 5 creative date ideas to make your Valentine’s day special. You can get creative with these!

Fun activities to enjoy with your partner

Today, Wedding Affair lists some fun activities that you must take with your partner to enjoy at home. Happy couple time to you!

Foreplay Moves to Propel his Fantasies Wild 

Sometimes the build-up to sex can be just as, or even more enjoyable than the act itself. Here are some foreplay tricks that come 'handy'.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s two years of Wedding

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrated their second wedding anniversary on May 19, Wedding Affair lists their power moves.

KISS STYLES that decode your relationship

A kiss is a very powerful act and it has got many different meanings. Wedding Affair brings to you some kiss styles that will help decode your relationship.

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa: creating ‘golden’ memories

For the best celebrations, allow Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa to provide a sensational backdrop for your visit to this ‘Golden City’.

Anger Management Rulebook for Couples in Love

Relationships are never the successful ones if there are no extra spices added to them.

A Home-Made, Romantic Candle-Light Dinner Feast

Here, Wedding Affair mentions some of the cutest ways through which you can enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner with your partner.

Keeping Love Alive While Maintaining Social Distance

Take a look at the list of five things that you and the love of your life can practice at home to strengthen your relationship as we fight this COVID - 19 situation together.
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