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6 Feet apart: ways to practice social distancing at weddings 

Listed below are a few ways through which social distancing can be practiced at your respective weddings. 

Immunity Boosting Food To Eat During This Time

Wedding Affair brings to you some really nutritious food items to incorporate in your diet that will boost your immunity and strengthen your body. 

4 insanely right reasons to get *Married* right NOW!

Planning to get married anytime soon? Gear up as Wedding Affair brings to you 5 insanely right reasons to get married during this time.

COVID-19 Face masks: All you need to know

Wedding Affair breaks down all the information about COVID- 19 face masks. Choose the best suited for you, learning their utility.

Juggling between connection and loneliness during quarantine

The quarantine time is making us feel lonely and wanting a deep connection. It is a tough time for us since we've never faced such a situation before.

Helming Pregnancy During Covid-19 Pandemic

But for expectant mothers facing the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), fear, anxiety and uncertainty are clouding this otherwise happy time. 

Would We Start Travelling Again Anytime Soon?

With people sceptical of stepping out in public spaces, more than ever before, it could be 18 to 24 months before travel picks back up, the industry experts suggest.

Utilising The Quarantine Time For Personal Growth

You can make use of this time to do a lot of things that enhance your personality. Wedding Affair shares a few ways to utilise the quarantine time for your personal growth. 

5 Healthy And Easy Breakfast Ideas For Quarantine Time

It is extremely difficult for people who are stuck alone away from family to manage the Work From Home situation along with nutritious meals. So as to take the edge off the situation for you, Wedding Affair shares the 5 healthy and easy breakfast ideas for the quarantine time.

Bvlgari Intensifies Support To Fight Covid-19

One month after announcing an important donation to the Spallanzani Hospital to acquire a new state of the art - 3D high definition microscope, Bvlgari has announced its further contribution to the national effort to prevent, fight and eradicate Covid-19.

Keeping Away From Eating Disorders During Quarantine

During the time of this pandemic, when the stress levels are running high, it is as easy as pie to slip into the habit of emotional eating. This is the gravest mistake one can make during a time when you are supposed to build your immunity at its optimal. Wedding Affair shares some tips on how to keep away from eating disorders during the quarantine period.

Healing Relationships During Quarantine

It is extremely important to heal our relationships in such unfamiliar circumstances of crisis, concerns and sequestration. Henceforth, here are some beautiful live-saving tips for all the relationship-oriented humans