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Gold-plated hotel opens in Vietnam

At Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel in Vietnam's capital Hanoi, bathtubs, toilets and even basins are all gold-plated for the ultimate luxe experience.

Things to keep in mind for a Destination Wedding

Wedding Affair brings to you anything and everything you need to keep in mind while planning a destination wedding, including the pro-tips.

Spiritual spots for destination wedding in India

Wedding Affair brings to you wonderfully seraphic spiritual sites for a destination wedding in India. Have a look for your destination wedding plans! 

Destination wedding: Hotels & Resorts in South India

Wedding Affair brings to you a list of hotels and resorts in South India that are most conducive to a dream wedding.

Aviation Sector – 2020: Bad days ahead

The trouble days are ahead for Air Transport Industry for the year 2020 with most of the airlines practically not operating and heavily leveraged.

A Sumptuous Wedlock Amidst The Beauty Of Corinthians Resort and Club...

Pretermit your badgers of discovering the perfect place to make your wedding dreams come true to life.

Paradisiacal Stay At Radisson Blu Resort Goa Cavelossim Beach

Think about the susurration of the sea waves, the tranquil vastness of the umbrella-like blue sky, the mind refreshing walk of jouissance under the...

Holiday Inn Resort For A Dreamy Goan Wedding

The Holiday Inn Goa is the ideal to host a destination Goa wedding for you! This luxury resort is nestled in the splendid view of Mobor Beach in South Goa captivated by 25 acres of lush green landscape gardens and powder white sands.

Indulge In Extravagance With The Royal Orchid Hotels

When it comes to sojourns, there are numerous chains of hotels and boutique resorts that offer delectable stays and hospitality but there only a few that have, with time, mastered and redefined luxury in this realm and at the Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels, they do exactly that. 

Demystify Your Wedding In Europe With Destination Wedding Consultancy

But it's also no secret that planning a wedding in a place like Europe is something that people usually only dream of. Which is when the Destination Wedding Consultancy proves to be your companion in making your dreams come true. 

Top International Christmas Wedding Destinations

Christmas time is a popular choice for weddings specially for those who are mesmerised by the festive-happy vibe and the winter chills. Twinkling lights...

Trending International Destinations For Your Big Fat Indian Wedding

Choosing that picture-perfect location for an international destination wedding is undeniably a head-spinning task. Deciding upon a place that’s gorgeously scenic, dreamy yet fun,...