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The YELLOW Bridal Couture

Yellow, the colour of hope and joy, is the new aesthetic that Indian brides have set their hearts on. With beautiful mirror works, block...

Wholesome fashion Guide for the Bride-to-be!

A larger than life wedding ensemble is one thing that almost every woman dreams of. Contrary to the western tradition, weddings in India aren’t...

This Winter, Wear your turtleneck in style!

From time immemorial we have seen people donning Turtlenecks and looking stupendous and it seems they are never going out of fashion. Runways and...

Floral Kaleera for every Bride

Every Punjabi bride’s favourite, Kaleera is an embellished ornament that is attached to the chooras of a bride. The contemporary kaleeras adorned with vibrant flowers are...

From the essence of beauty to the charms of love: Day...

By adding an extra pinch of luxury and plush designs to the ongoing India couture week 2021, here we have yet another successful day...

Ace your first virtual date with these tips

The advent of dating apps changed the course of falling in love, it’s more about online interaction

Nikon: a beautiful essence of capturing moments

One just can’t let go of the mesmerizing feeling and aura of the weddings without capturing them, and Nikon seems to have taken this job by heart

Stating 4 lessons from Akshay Kumar’s wardrobe series 

The iconic star of the Indian cinema, Akshay Kumar has never disappointed us neither through his performances and nor through his fashion statements.

Exemplifying royalty with Anita Dongre’s ode to Bhuj

Dongre is here yet again with a prolific collection that aims to empower the local artisans. So, listed below are a few things that you need to look out for

Put your best foot forward: flourishing footwear brands on the gram

while we discuss how cool they look we have a few footwear brands listed on the gram. Spot your favorites and add them to your carts.

Mind-boggling beauty launches!!

From lip stains to eye shadows you’re in for a big surprise. So, not to make you wait any further we have a few luxurious beauty products listed below that launched recently.

#SareeNotSorry: hands-on handloom sarees with Bollywood stars 

Let us have a look at these four divas of tinsel town looking all gorgeous in some of the best sarees from local artisans.