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Foods that can contribute in improving your sex drive

We always have an urge to improve our sex drive and some of us go to any lengths to improve

4 Ways to get yourself all calm and composed

as for this article, we are here to your rescue! Listed below are a few tips to maintain your mental peace without taking help from trained counselors. 

Things to keep in mind ‘before’ working out 

Working out is essential for your health but you should know where to start in order to optimize your workout.

Remedies to rule out hangover symptoms

here we have a list of a few remedies and tips to follow while dealing with a hangover. 

Monsoon snacks to binge this rainy season!

In India, the monsoon season is just a reason for us to make or order something tasty which makes us feel complete.

Working out every day is the ultimate fitness mantra!

Everyone has different schedules throughout the day but one thing that everyone should add to their schedule is working out and here are some reasons why. 

Grab green tea as a skin treatment!

So, let us have a look at Green tea and its benefits especially in terms of skincare. 

Tired of constant food craving? Here’s what you can do

he types of foods each of us craves may be different, but they’re more often processed foods. Here are some tips to overcome food cravings. 

Healthy and tasty recipes you can try this weekend

Wedding Affair shortlists some tasty recipes for you, that you can give a try during your homestay. These are quick and nutritious!

What contemporary wedding food looks like!

We have listed some ideas for you to revamp your wedding food into a contemporary lunch/dinner party that is sure to please everyone.

Enter world cuisine in your breakfast menu

If you’re looking for an interesting breakfast to try this week, Wedding Affair has some suggestions for you. Try these and thank us later!

A wedding menu for the health-conscious

Wedding Affair suggests a careful curation of wedding menu. Read on to find ways you can treat your guests with a healthier wedding food.