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Tired of constant food craving? Here’s what you can do

he types of foods each of us craves may be different, but they’re more often processed foods. Here are some tips to overcome food cravings. 

Healthy and tasty recipes you can try this weekend

Wedding Affair shortlists some tasty recipes for you, that you can give a try during your homestay. These are quick and nutritious!

What contemporary wedding food looks like!

We have listed some ideas for you to revamp your wedding food into a contemporary lunch/dinner party that is sure to please everyone.

Enter world cuisine in your breakfast menu

If you’re looking for an interesting breakfast to try this week, Wedding Affair has some suggestions for you. Try these and thank us later!

A wedding menu for the health-conscious

Wedding Affair suggests a careful curation of wedding menu. Read on to find ways you can treat your guests with a healthier wedding food.

Indoor Sunday brunch ideas for you!

We suggest a mixture of Indian and international delicacies for the brunch! Have a look at Wedding Affair's menu ideas!

Food items every woman should consume

Wedding Affair brings to you four food items that every woman must include in her diet for her overall health and well-being.

Ways To Include Healthy Food In Your Menu

It's only fair that you keep all your guests in mind. Wedding Affair brings to you some amazing ways to include healthy food in your wedding menu.

Cook Up A Storm With Your Spouse

Wedding Affair brings to you some recipes that are the perfect pick when you want to make a home-cooked meal. Keep it easy with these simple but delicious recipes.

Foods to boost your sex life

In the spirit of scientific pursuit, here are a few foods that research suggests yield longer-lasting sex and pleasures on the bed. 

Brisk Kitchen: Daily Delectable Delights

Grab your chef hats as Wedding Affair enlists some of the most delectable dishes you can prepare following the Brisk Kitchen.

A Home-Made, Romantic Candle-Light Dinner Feast

Here, Wedding Affair mentions some of the cutest ways through which you can enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner with your partner.