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Most Effective Exercises to Get Your Body in Shape

During the festive season, it is understandable that exercising in the way that is essential to keep the body fit is almost next to...

How to stay active while you’re working from home

This seems fine for two to three days max, but this should never be your trope. Everyone needs to be active in order to be healthy and happy.

Spot a few ways to improve your morning routine

Have a look at how can you take productive steps towards making your morning routine a healthy and wealthy one.

Little ways to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle

Following a healthy lifestyle may seem like a bit of a task and it is. We've listed small lifestyle changes you can make to be healthy.

Planning a wholesome diet for summer

Wedding Affair presents certain tips for you to take care of your diet and fitness in day to day life during this time. Have a look!

Get in touch with yourself through Meditation

Meditation is a technique suggested to people, to train their thoughts. It isn’t about becoming a different person or even a better person.

Kickstarting your Fitness journey

Follow these fitness tips by Wedding Affair for a healthier discovery of yourself. Brides and grooms-to-be must follow these for the big day!

Spices to get a flat stomach without exercising

While there is no shortcut, to getting a flat stomach, there are a few spices that can help you get rid of bloating and kickstart the metabolism.

Stepping Off the Binge-Eating wagon post-Eid 

There is not a need to rail into a guilt trip post excessive eating for Eid. Follow these steps by Wedding Affair for a healthier lifestyle.

Making ‘Quarantine Care’ A Priority

It's important to take care of your well being. Making quarantine care a priority shall help you get through the tough time with much ease. 

To Change Sleeping Patterns During Quarantine For Good

A sound sleep does not come easy to everyone. Ask any insomniac and he/she will tell you all about it. The quarantine time is making people more and more anxious and is disrupting their already troubled sleeping habits.

Stay Fit And Sane While Quarantining

Wedding Affair these effective workout regimes for you to practice regularly within the comfort of your homes. Stay fit and healthy during the time of this crisis.