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Home Decor for the Tech-Savvy couples

Wedding Affair presents some smart home decor ideas. Use these brilliant gadgets/devices at your home making it a smart home.

DIY Workspaces From Your Work From Home Days

Here, we have some excitingly relaxing and simple “Do It Yourself” workspace ideas that are sure a relief to your quarantine workaholic stresses.

How To Organise Your Closet While Quarantining

From your layered, gored, trumpet, circle, or mini skirts to your epaulette, lumberjack, aloha or casual shirts, from your chinos and cords to your drawstring, slim-fit, relaxed leg or maybe cropped trousers, everything is simpatico from your wardrobe collection.

Get Home Ready For Your Big Day!

Getting hitched to your sweetheart is about a lot of amusement, preparations and wheeching down after every possible thing to make the wedding paradisaical. From your wardrobe to accessories, body care products to even dime a dozen items, kitchen utensils to hardware; the whole ball of wax is reinvigorated to felicitate the novel start.

Decor Ideas For Lively & Decluttered Bathrooms

Wedding Affair brings to you a brief list of changes and additions that you can make to your restroom in order to turn the basal vibe into something really eccentric and fresh.

5 Decor Ideas To Bring The Spark In Your Bedroom

Wedding Affair brings to you five ideas to bring the spark in your bedroom and set the temperature a level higher.

Cosy Up Inside Your Home, This Winter!

Winter is ringing in its full bloom. A time everyone starts to curl up inside their homes and stop moving out for the longest...

Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home

In an age where the importance of environment-friendly alternatives are being stressed upon more and more, the home decor realm has also seen a switch and more eco-friendly decor ideas are rapidly becoming popular. 

Aparna Kaushik Unveils Exquisite Bathrooms

New Delhi based architect Aparna Kaushik presented a collection of bathrooms that take the concept of rejuvenation to a new level. With meticulously considered...

Statement Pieces For Your Abode

Every home must make a statement. Some statement pieces just stand out from the rest of the home and speak for themselves. This new year, decorate your abode with these stylish pieces that reek of nothing but luxury.

High-Tech Décor For Your Home

The modern age has modern requirements; hence we have some high-profile products in the market. From elegant centrepieces to high-tech gadgets, Wedding Affair has prepared a list of items that you must include in your house.

Contemporary Seating For A Modern Home

A sofa is a centre of attraction for all the living rooms; it adds life to the living area. Also available in a variety of textures from suede, leather to silk and satin, these can add a combination of textures to your house with their fabrics.