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Become the Pride of the Party with Reliance Jewellery “Diamond Delights”...

With the new year almost here, it is time for a wardrobe update to include the latest trends and styles, especially in your jewellery...

Festive season Inspirations for Bridal Jewellery

The festive season marking the sparkles of Diwali has just passed and now we are blessed with the mind-blowing looks of multiple celebrities. Beautiful...

Trending Necklaces for Bride-to-be

We lay a lot of emphasis on choosing an exceptional bridal attire, and often keep the jewellery selection for the last moment. As a...

Jinx it with Jewellery: latest Jewellery trends to follow 

the jewelry preferences of all the Gen Z women also seem to change. So, here we have a few ongoing jewelry trends that you guys need to follow: 

Essential tips for the brides to follow for their Haldi ceremony!

The Haldi ceremony is probably the only event where you get to pull the leg of the groom and the bride, so spot some haldi essentials.

Evening Party Jewellery Essentials

Wedding Affair is here to spill the tea on how to amplify any of your basic evening party outfit with a baller jewellery game.

Buy jewellery with these gemstones for the newly-wed couple

Are there effects of gemstones on your love life? Wedding Affair mentions the best gemstone jewellery that the bride and groom can invest in.

A modern bride swears by these accessories

From belts to anklets, which accessories are best-suited for a bride? Wedding Affair enlists some accessories for the bride to try out.

Summer Trending: Jewellery Styles

Today we shortlist some of the most trending styles for you! Take a look at Wedding Affair’s picks for the summer trending jewellery.

The contemporary jewellery you need right now!

Wedding Affair has shortlisted a range of jewellery that is sure to multiply the bridal beauty to the hilt.

Everyday jewellery tips for women

Brace yourself cause it’s time to revamp your jewellery-cases again. Here are top five jewellery trends of season to up your bijouterie game. 

Modern, dainty necklaces of today!

Wedding Affair has shortlisted a range of necklaces that are sure to multiply the bridal beauty to the hilt.