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4 DIY Scrubs for your perfect pout: Lip scrub edition 

We guess that all you girls and boys are quite buys taking care just of your face, and while you’re at it you tend...

3 ultimate ways to apply your liquid foundations, and why!?

we might not be any experts, but listed below are the three most common ways that you should choose to apply your foundations.

Benefits of adding a Jade Roller to your skincare

When you look at a jade roller you think that it is only for massaging your face but you’re wrong there, as it has many benefits.

Alia Bhatt and her sassy skincare routine!

the wait is over ladies, because the sensational diva, Alia Bhatt managed to spare some time from her busy schedule and share her skincare routine with her fans

Ways to make your lipsticks stay longer: #LipstickDay Edition 

ladies, we got your backs! listed below are a few ways that you can turn your lip stains into long-lasting ones. 

Lipsticks, not just confined to your lips: Makeup tips

did you know that you could also use your lipsticks in more than just one way? Well, if not then we have some interesting insight for you right below. 

Essential tips for the brides to follow for their Haldi ceremony!

The Haldi ceremony is probably the only event where you get to pull the leg of the groom and the bride, so spot some haldi essentials.

Protect your skin this Monsoon with these skincare tips!

Monsoon is a period where you need to take extra care of your skin as it can attract many infections, here are a few tips to avoid such issues

Organic on the go!!: Four organic makeup brand

Are you girls a little worried about ruining your skin with all the makeup that you use. no need to worry now, as we have a few organic makeup brands to follow.

Natural makeup to glow all day without much fuss

Dewy, buttery skin, that goddess glow, naturally flushed cheeks, full feathered brows… Eugh, we LOVE to work a natural beat makeup!

DIY Edition: Go organic with your makeup products

Makeup products are quite essential in terms of your beauty quotient, but what about your skin health? Have a look at organic makeup trends.

Need-to-know makeup hacks for 2021 glam

If you frequent TikTok, you’ll be familiar with the 2016 vs 2021 makeup challenge. Here's all the hacks you need to for a snatched 2021 glam.