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Making The Best Use Of Quarantine Time

The quarantine life is boring for some while for others it is super-productive. While some are busy cribbing about the monotonous and humdrum of this life, others are engaging themselves in interesting activities. Well, if you are thinking along the same lines and wish to make the quarantine time productive, you can try out some super cool activities yourself.

Distance Dating In The Time Of Covid-19

Remember, even if you can't meet your love interest at this point in time, you can still remain in touch with them digitally. In fact, being digitally connected makes more room for self-disclosure.

Guide To A Healthy Fight

Fair fighting is a respectful, structured way of confronting each other on issues that are causing conflicts.

Can love last a lifetime?

Oftentimes, there are days when you have second thoughts about whether love can last a lifetime. The fights and misunderstandings can lead us to have doubts and speculations about whether love can really last.

And I Fell In Love With A High-Value Woman

Life was kind of great, I had just completed my post-graduation and found a job soon after. Work and socialising took up most of...

The Missing Pieces Of Peace

The world comes falling to your feet when you’re in love. But how much do we know about keeping it together, joined and carefully...

Art Of Seduction

Those subtle lip-bites, glossy pouts, unwavering gaze, light touches of hands and the intonation of voice, these seemingly innocuous gestures play an active role...

Know The Treasures Your Future Holds For You

Whether it is love? career? or marriage? we at Wedding Affair magazine, have solutions to all your problems and it is...

How Not To *Ruin* Your Honeymoon?

You may have travelled a lot — with friends, family, co-workers, partners. But, there’s something very exciting yet nerve-racking about a honeymoon. It doesn’t...

One Thing I Didn’t Know About Sex After Marriage

Let’s just put it out there: Sex is awesome — once you figure out how to do it right; just don’t expect to master...
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