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Love and Sex in the age of Internet!

With the internet, the youngsters and also the elder generations are finding new ways to explore their sexuality and date newer people.

V-Day Special: Render strong base to your relationship

Wedding Affair mentions some pointers that help to clear your mind on emotional intimacy. These will lend a strong base to your relationships. 

Avoid gaslighters in a relationship

Gaslighters tend to dictate their partners in a relationship. Wedding Affair shares the five signs that your lover might be gaslighting you. 

5 signs your partner is no longer interested in you

You feel like your partner is no longer as invested in the relationship as they were. It is better to look for these signs to save yourself. 

Understanding each other better in a relationship

Wedding Affair mentions some pointers that may help to clear your mind on emotional intimacy in your relationship.

Small ways to show that you care

Wedding Affair brings to you some small and effective ways in which you can show that you care and ignite that spark.

Signs that your partner is not exclusive!

Wedding Affair indicates some signs that might point that your partner is non-exclusive and is cheating on you!

Can you find your soulmate?

There is a thing called ‘The Soulmate Trap’ — those who believe in destiny tend to invest more energy in looking for that ‘right’ person.

Little things that make a relationship great

Wedding Affair presents a few simplest ways that can strengthen your equation & relationship with your partner in the long term.

Signs that your partner is here to stay

If your partner shows the following signs in a relationship, we suggest that you might wanna put a ring on him/her.

Ways to test your relationship’s emotional health

In relationships people wish they could tell how their partners feel about them. Here are ways to test your relationship's emotional health. 

Signs you have outgrown your relationship

Drifting away from a loved one can feel confusing and painful. But there are signs that you may have outgrown the relationship.