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“Beetroot”: an ultimate addition to your daily diet

There are certain elements that seem not that tasteful in terms of maintaining a healthy diet. One such element that acts as an ultimate...

Mind-boggling beauty launches!!

From lip stains to eye shadows you’re in for a big surprise. So, not to make you wait any further we have a few luxurious beauty products listed below that launched recently.

No more chicken legs: best exercises for bulky thighs 

Believe us no one wants to be called that and here are a few exercises that will help you add some bulk to your thighs. 

Innisfree to the rescue: few products to treat your acne-prone skin

here we have one of the best Korean skincare brands that will take care of your acne for good. Listed below are a few best products from the Innisfree range. 

Post makeup routine: skincare tips to follow 

Getting all dolled up for a party and doing dapper makeup sure feels good, but you will have to make sure to clean all that up

4 Ways to get yourself all calm and composed

as for this article, we are here to your rescue! Listed below are a few tips to maintain your mental peace without taking help from trained counselors. 

4 DIY Scrubs for your perfect pout: Lip scrub edition 

We guess that all you girls and boys are quite buys taking care just of your face, and while you’re at it you tend...

Benefits of adding a Jade Roller to your skincare

When you look at a jade roller you think that it is only for massaging your face but you’re wrong there, as it has many benefits.

Charity begins at home: Four elements to add to your daily...

You can always begin from home, and add some healthy elements to your daily diet to make sure of flawless skin. 

Alia Bhatt and her sassy skincare routine!

the wait is over ladies, because the sensational diva, Alia Bhatt managed to spare some time from her busy schedule and share her skincare routine with her fans

A few fruit peels that act as beauty treatments

if you are a big-time fruit lover then you should know the fact that throwing off fruit peels is not exactly a good idea. Because fruits peels are a lot more than just waste,

All in for Oranges: benefits to count on!

Orange is delicious to eat but it is also extremely beneficial for you. Here are some of its uses.