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Alexander McQueen Launches ‘White 3D’ Oversized Sneaker

his particular iteration stands out due to a layered 3D effect applied to the heel. This is a new development following the black pair we saw earlier this month.

Layering Is The New Sexy

Don’t let yourself freeze this winter in your attempt to keep yourself stylish. Staying warm can converge with your fashion game because layering is the new sexy

Moncler Launches A Carbon-Neutral Puffer ‘TREPORT’ Jacket

Known as ‘Moncler Treport’, the jacket was launched on December 12, based on the Italian outwear maker’s bio-based technology. The dark-blue, short down jacket comprises of fabrics and accessories made of vegetable origin (castor beans) and natural-origin wool and cotton.

Surf’s Up At Dior Pre-Fall 2020

A new sneak peek into the sneaker collaboration between the streetwear legends — Stussy’s take on Dior B23 sneakers — has created a new buzz among the streetwear enthusiasts awaiting its launch.
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