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Survive your long haul flights with these tips

we have a list of five tips that you need to keep in mind before you go catch your next long-haul flight.

Advantages of being on your own: #SoloTravel guide

If you’re having a hard time believing us, then here we have a few benefits and listed below regarding travelling solo.

5 Packing tips to follow for your next travel plan

we’re talking about travel packing and a few tips related to the same. Listed below are the pointers indicating packing tips for your next travel plan. 

B-town divas and their beach outfits 

B-town divas are all in for flaunting their #BikiniBod when they travel to different islands and beaches.

Few most romantic islands for your honeymoon 

Honeymoon is supposed to be the most incredible and romantic time of your life so why don’t celebrate it in the most magical places.

“Must have in monsoon”: List of essentials in your handbag!

here we have a list of essentials that you need to stock up in your handbags while the monsoon season is on.

Unleash the magic at your Bachelors’ trip

Choosing destinations for vacations is a tough take, but while we talk about bachelor destinations Have a look at a few options for your trip.

Romantic Winter Destinations for your Honeymoon

Winter is a nice time to plan your romantic trips. Wedding Affair enlists some gorgeous and romantic winter destinations around the world!

Off-Beat Honeymoon Destinations of your Dreams!

It is a season to look for off-beat destinations as travel becomes more bearable in the time to come. Wedding Affair lists some for you!

New Year destinations for the Couples

Wedding Affair have specially curated a list of top five travel destinations for couples for New Year Eve to save you the hassle. 

Get the best Wedding shots at these locations

Wedding photographs encapsulate the essence of the wedding celebrations for the couples and their families to embrace nostalgia.

Mesmerising honeymoon destinations for the couple

Choosing a destination out of many destinations is an anxiety-driven task. Here are 5 honeymoon destinations to make your days memorable.