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Fight the infections with immune-boosting asanas

If you’re doubtful about whether or not is your immune ready to fight diseases then not worry, all you need to do is these asanas.

The old school way: a few vintage decor notions for you!

Thinking of redecorating your living space? Here's a few interior tips for you to turn your house into a vintage hut by using a few and in-house elements.

Popular bollywood songs for your wedding festivities

Are you thinking to make your intimate wedding extra fun-filled? Here are Bollywood wedding songs to make each function happening.

Easy ways to inculcate sustainability in your decor

If you’re new to sustainability and don’t know where to begin, we’ve listed down 4 easy eco-conscious habits you could start with.

Bowled Over Bell-Bottoms: Styling Tips for Bell Bottoms

Have you ever wondered what if all the previous fashion trends of the nineties hit back on our current fashion radar?

Mystery series you can watch this weekend

The list of best murder mystery and crime drama shows keeps on growing. But, here are our top 4 shows that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Give your breakfast a South Indian zing with these recipes

Mornings should be happy and healthy, here are 5 South Indian dishes you can make at home for a wholesome breakfast meal.

Mast it up: A few mask brands to vouch for

So, since the new normal is kind of sinking in, then you guys need to lay your hands on some of the best online mask brands.

Bridesmaid Edition: Beauty tips for the bridesmaid

There are thousands of things that bridesmaids need to be responsible for, but more so they need to look dazzling. Follow these beauty tips bridesmaids!

These are the biggest misconceptions about acne

We also know that misconceptions about acne are rampant, so today we’re taking a sec to break down the most common myths out there.

Decor ideas to give your home a refreshed look

A few decor changes here and there can come in handy to freshen up the look and make you feel like you’re living in a new, yet old place.

Here’s how to maintain an all-time sparkling love life

Loving your partner unconditionally sure is a fulfilling emotion, but what about maintaining that spark and love? Here's how to do it.