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Stunning Bridal Outfits for Intimate Weddings!

Corona virus is an ultimate bummer for all the brides who dream of a grand wedding. With the number of restrictions that have been...

Exemplifying luxury at Taj Fort Aguada Resort and Spa, Goa

Taj Fort Aguada Resort, and Spa, Goa is definitely an exemplary property to enjoy your vacation and have the best wedding organised

Adorn cultures with a fine experience at Fairmont Jaipur

When the glittering charm of the city of Jaipur meets the calm of Aravalli Hills away from worldly affairs is what marks the popularity of Fairmont Jaipur.

Certain activities that keep you active 

Sometimes we get in a phase of our life where we often feel tired but it is important to snap out of that phase and adopt a healthier routine

Adorn your special day in ethereal designs with J.K.J. Jewellers

The brand was initiated by Satyanarayan Mosun, and since then the popularity of the brand lies in its ability to keep up with the spontaneity of changing jewellery trends.

Tiny elements that leave a big impact in your room

Listed below are a few tiny elements you can add to your room decor to leave a greater impact.

A woman’s guide into impressing a Virgo man

Everyone has different things that attract them and Virgo guys have their own list of elements that impress them.

The breakup rule guide: things ‘not’ to say while breaking up

Listed below are a few things that you should NOT say while you plan on breaking up with your existing partner, have a look and keep them in mind

Survive your long haul flights with these tips

we have a list of five tips that you need to keep in mind before you go catch your next long-haul flight.

Stating the last highlights: ICW day 6 and 7 

we would like to sum up the highlight of these splendid couture collections by stating the last two days of this luxurious celebration.

Step into the land of exemplary experience with Novotel Goa Dona...

While one is looking for some beach vibe stays in India then Goa is definitely the first one that strikes their mind.

Continuing the regal affair at ICW: Day 4 

The second digital edition of India couture week seemed to continue the regal essence of the event on the fourth day.