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Goa Marriott Resort and Spa: Where your Forever Promise begins!

Have you ever wished to spend a calm twilight by the beachside with a glass of wine, feeling a deep sense of content and...

Turn your small affair into a grand one!: Wedding edition 

we have a few perfect ideas to turn your intimate pandemic wedding into a grand one. 

Tips to turn your Intimate weddings into a grand one 

even if you plan out for an intimate wedding we have a few ways to make your intimate wedding look all grand and royal!

The ultimate summer wedding decor

Decorate your summer wedding with beautiful summer flowers and see the soft daintiness of your party elevate.

Jazzy styles for your wedding decor

Include these jazzy styles in your wedding planning checklist to ensure a trendy setup for your grand wedding ceremony when you tie the knot.

Fail-proof wedding decor that works like wonder

If you all set to tie the knot, try these wedding decor ideas to bring an element of beauty and charm to your wedding ceremonies. 

Summer wedding decor for the coming season!

You already understand what the hottest months have to offer. Wedding Affair brings some top summer wedding decor ideas for you this season!

Ultra-luxe home decor for the wedding season!

Why let down your home in the blue funk of monotony when you have these exquisite home decor brands for your grand WED-Day home makeover?

Anticipated wedding trends for 2021

Wedding Affair, owing to the ongoing new year time, shortlists some of the trends that are are to rule the upcoming wedding seasons in 2021.

Wedding decor trends to follow in 2021

Wedding decorations can often make or break the entire aura of a wedding. The decor, in fact, requires the most thought and care.

Decorating your abode for the Wedding!

The fragrance of fresh flowers and fairy lights never go out of style. Wedding Affair suggests ways to style your abode for your wedding!

Add bling to your wedding decor

Take a look at how Wedding Affair, a premium Indian Wedding Magazine, suggests you glam and bling up your wedding décor.