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Goa Marriott Resort and Spa: Where your Forever Promise begins!

Have you ever wished to spend a calm twilight by the beachside with a glass of wine, feeling a deep sense of content and...

Hairstyles for your D-day

While you are in the middle of your journey towards getting perfectly ready for the biggest day of your life, we have tried to...

Adorn cultures with a fine experience at Fairmont Jaipur

When the glittering charm of the city of Jaipur meets the calm of Aravalli Hills away from worldly affairs is what marks the popularity of Fairmont Jaipur.

Eye for an eye: 4 ‘must-have’ eye shadow palettes

Listen up, ladies! This might interest all the makeup lovers out there because we have decided to list the four best eye shadow palettes...

Time for a perspective change!: 4 tips to follow

Well, no offense but everyone should think about their perspectives in life and try and change them if you feel they’re not right.

Pep talk sessions for our lovely brides 

we have a list of pep talks that you brides need to give to yourself. Just keep all things listed below in your mind and everything’s going to fall right into place. 

Getting back together with your ex? We’ll see about that!

what do you think about getting back together with your ex? Does it sound like a good option or are you totally against this notion?

Bridal checklist for a week before the wedding 

listed below are a few things that all you brides should take care of a week before your final day.

Putting the bro-code to use: Best man duties for the wedding

we have a list of best man duties for weddings that need to be performed and taken care of. 

Things to keep in mind for your destination wedding: Pandemic edition

Listed below are a few things that all the people planning to organize a destination wedding during the pandemic should keep in mind

Some cocktail party themes curated just for you!

we sure can assist you with a few stunning cocktail party theme ideas. Have a look and choose the perfect one for your fairytale. 

Few most romantic islands for your honeymoon 

Honeymoon is supposed to be the most incredible and romantic time of your life so why don’t celebrate it in the most magical places.